Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Thanks From The Author

Something insane happened to me the other day. I got my first royalty check for Giallo Meltdown. It was my first ever monetary payment for being a writer. Usually, my writing just gets me punches to the groin and hateful Tweets from Shia Labeouf. So I'm here to say to all of you: Thank you so damn much. I'm beside myself with gratefulness and disbelief that anyone even cared in the first place. I owe everything to the films for inspiring me and to you, the fans of this wild genre, for helping me along the way.

Sincerely as heck,

Richard Glenn Schmidt


  1. You're an inspiration man! Been following since the beginning and loving the book so far. In fact you've inspired me to write my own. Maybe we'll create a new sub-genre of film books! ;)

    1. That's the spirit, Jake! Thanks so much for the kind wods, duder.