Monday, August 10, 2015

The Spider Labyrinth

Oh snap! I was asked to contribute to the Theater Of Guts blog.

I picked the awesome Italian horror flick, The Spider Labyrinth, to review. Check it out here!


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    1. Thanks for having me! I'll try to contribute for y'all again sometime.

    2. Anytime you feel like taking a stab at another Deep Red type pick let me know

  2. Gianfranco Giagni also co-directed the TV-series Valentina which is an adaptation of Guido Crepax's surreal comic (previously adapted in Corrado Farina's Baba Yaga). It's a bit difficult to find but the show is very entertaining and weird. You get witches, robots, killer cameras, gothic castles, falling angel statues, giallo murders, spandex superhero swinger parties, and cheesy 80-90's dubbing!

  3. This is in my collection and I still haven't sat down to watch it. I also need to see a movie from 1989 called Maya that's supposed to be similarly fun and has a guy vomiting live snakes. That one's on Youtube.

    1. I downloaded Maya a while ago. Haven't gotten around to it yet. Those poor snakes.