Thursday, November 15, 2012

H!TITDS Episode #25 - The Ghost

Hello folks! Brad and I have been fortunate lately to get back to some episode recording so we are striking while the iron is lukewarm. This episode is about Riccardo Freda's The Ghost from 1963. Get your Italian gothic groove on and enjoy the episode. And as always, be sure to check out the episode archive because Brad and I don't want to pay Podomatic to host all of our old shit. Haven't seen The Ghost? Here is the whole damn movie:


  1. another great episode guys like always,Finally saw the ghost and it has jumped up as one of my favirote barbara steele movies. I still need to watch the horrible serect of dr. hitchcock, keep up the great work guys, and one last thing did either of you watch the turkish made giallo, the horrible murders? I saw a listing for it on ebay

  2. @Gialloman - Sorry for missing your comment. I think it went to spam for some reason. Anyway, I think Brad has seen that other Turkish giallo. I've seen Thirsty For Sex And Murder or whatever it's called.