Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Giallo Meltdown: The Saga Recontinues

Hey gang. So I took a wee little break from working on the Giallo Meltdown book. Why? We all know why! In all honesty, I was depressed that I totally blew past my self-imposed deadline of August. Durr. Also, life has been throwing some real bullshit my way and I needed some time not to turn into a bitter whiny baby duder. But you know what? Good things came out of it.

For one, instead of using Argentophobia as a crutch, I am going to pretend it never happened and take every Dario Argento giallo and jam them into the playlists of Giallo Meltdowns 10 through 12. And there's another good thing. The original plan was to make the 10th Giallo Meltdown the final one but fuck that noise, I have sooooo many more titles than I ever thought I would. So now I am planning on there being 12 moviethons AKA chapters in the book. But hey, the more rare titles I get, this thing could go up to 13 chapters!

Another thing that has changed: I was, at the beginning of this project, adamant about self-publishing. I was all like 'Fuck you, publishing world, this is some DIY shit right here!' But my wife encouraged me to stop being a coward and actually try to get this thing an actual publisher. Hey, why not? If everyone and their grandmother rejects me, I will self-publish. That's a promise. So it's off to cover letter and sample chapter land for this guy.

So what am I getting at? What am I really trying to say? I am taking an extended break from this blog and any updates to Doomed Moviethon. Other than the Hello! This is the Doomed Show podcast -which doesn't require me to write anything- I am going to be underground for a while, trying to bring you guys the best possible Giallo Meltdown book I can. So until that magical day comes around when I can say that I be a real writer author type man, you all take care of yourselves. I'll be around next time Brad and I record something. Dats a promise. There are other good things on the horizon that I won't talk about now until I'm sure they are actually gonna happen but you will be surprised!

Giallo Meltdown

Giallo Meltdown 2

Giallo Meltdown 3

Giallo Meltdown 4

Giallo Meltdown 5


  1. Godspeed, good sir.

    I look forward to purchasing a copy in whatever form.

  2. Good luck, pal!

  3. P.S. You should totally add the Doomed Fulci-Thon as a 'iTunes pre-order deluxe edition bonus track' chapter. Like, totally!

  4. Good luck with it all, Richard. Really looking forward to this book seeing the light of day!