Friday, December 7, 2012

Guest Blog: Carroll Baker y Giallo

I think it is safe to say everyone around here is giallo crazy. But some of the actors and actresses who had made a career in Hollywood and then found themselves out of favor were embarrassed about their genre roles. One who was not (at least not in 1986) was Carroll Baker. Here she is in a clip from Regis Philbin's Lifestyles show. I had no idea that she had written books and she seems to be looking back on her Italian career fondly in this clip. If I'm not mistaken, that's George Hilton in the background of the first photo Regis holds up. And if it is old George then it's not Paranoia but The Sweet Body Of Deborah. Look for Lee Van Cleef! -Brad

Carroll begins discussing her Italian film career at about 6:20


  1. Nice.

    If Jayne Mansfield hadn't died in that crash, I have a feeling she would've thrived in gialli, too...

  2. I have her book Baby Doll and, while I haven't read it yet, I could find no mention of any of her Italian films, nor her hilarious turn in Andy Warhol's Bad.

  3. Oh, and the photo in the video that Carroll won't say the title of is "Orgasmo", also known as "Paranoia".

  4. Justin- Delirium starring Mickey Hargitay AND Jayne Mansfield? Count me in!
    Ryan- You have no idea how many times I repeatedly asked Richard to clarify Lenzi's double named gialli!