Monday, October 3, 2011

Gooey Terror From My Youth: Beware! The Blob

I guess I was kind of a doofus when I was a kid. When I saw Beware! The Blob on TV back in the day, I had no idea I was supposed to be laughing. In fact, I was freaked the fuck out. I guess the idea of being digested by a red gooey mass from outer space is actually disturbing in some circles of society. What got to me the most was when the Blob went after the black couple (played by Godfrey Cambridge and Marlene Clark), it scared me to death and made me incredibly sad that these two vivacious and fun characters had to die so horribly. I like the sincerity of my kid-heart but man, I was such a dope. It just didn't compute that a horror movie could be silly, funny, or in the cae of Beware! The Blob, incredidbly stupid.


  1. The film J.R. shot! :)

    I just remember the poor little kitten getting his claws stuck in the big pile of slow-oozing death. Poor little guy was barely big enough to count as a snack. *sniff* All those adorable empty calories...

  2. @The Vicar - Oh man, are you serious? I don't even remember the kitten. Maybe that's the reason why animal violence in movies upsets me so much!

  3. Behold, despair, and beware!

    It's even more horrifying than I remember!