Friday, August 6, 2010

Less, Less, Less

As you can see, I’m still in a 1976 frame of mind…

So this is my last post until the first of September so I can prepare for the mind-erasing insanity of The Invasian. Keep thinking about Asian horror films and send me your recommendations on what titles, actors, directors, subgenres, etc. that you’d like me to review or ramble on and on and on about. I’ll also be harassing some of y’all out there in the horror/cult blogging community for submissions.

Before I vanish into the moonlight, I wanted to talk about something. I’ve received some awards lately from some really great bloggers and I can’t tell you how proud that makes me. Just knowing that somebody out there gives a triple brown shit about CinSom and DooMo, is really, really important to me. These are just a few of the many great blogs out there that inspire me. They are rad and bad (the Michael Jackson variety) and you should be reading them immediately.

The Agitation of the Mind - From John Woo to giallo and from Christopher Nolan to Herzog, Neil goes places cinematically that I can only dream of.

The Cathode Ray Mission - Professor Brian O’Blivion’s blog is a pastiche of horror films, horror music, interviews, 80s goodness, and freakin’ weird shit. It is mesmerizing.

The Cheap Bin J. Astro sets his sights on some pretty trashy stuff and we are all better for it. The dude is irreverent and will make you jealous (and a little afraid) of his destiny as the chosen one.

Cool Ass Cinema - Venoms5 has this blog which is staggering in its gigantic greatness. His coverage of Kung Fu flicks alone will make your eyes and butt bleed forever.

The Death Rattle - I have been lucky enough to contribute to some ‘best of’ lists over at Aaron’s blog. Does Aaron need my help? Fuck no! Aaron is superb and his blog is full on rockin’ awesome.

In It For The Kills - Erin is also in it to win it with some great reviews and honest, frank opinions.

The Kid in the Hall - Morgan makes the 80s look like this really great decade where awesome shit happened. How does she do that?

The Lightning Bug’s Lair - Whenever I start to get these illusions of my own coolness, they are quickly shattered by Zachary’s superpowers. His eyes are on the prize; the prize being obscure and awesome films.

Lost Video Archive - I know you are obsessed with VHS. Get your fix and more at The Goodkind's blog. Totally perfect.

Trash Film Addict - Alex isn’t afraid to get dirty, bloody, and possibly stinky (or maybe just musky) in order to share his addiction with the world.

So yeah, check these out and I will see you good peeps in a little less than a month.


  1. Thanks, man! Everybody has been giving me awards lately. I feel so gosh darn special! Anyway, I tagged you in a Meme that's been going around and I decided to pass it on to you, but be warned that I have gotten a rash on my inner thigh since receiving it...

  2. Thanks for the kind words, you made me sound cool!

  3. Check out the Tomie series. Tomie Replay or Rebirth (I always mix them up) is especially good. The one where her head appears in the girl's stomach.

    And wasn't that singer a porn star back in the 70's?

  4. @Aaron - Duder, they like you, they really like you! Thanks for the tag, you magic man.

    @Prof - I only transfer truths, I don't create them.

    @Justin - Oh yes, I know the Tomie movies very well, captain. I've seen all of them except for Tomie vs. Tomie (even the shitty ones). Rebirth is a better film but Replay is my favorite. And yes, Andrea True was a porn star and the song "More, More, More" is about gettin' it on with the cameras rolling. Pretty inspiring!

  5. I need to do some research on Asian horror, because I'm mainly familiar with the pale long-haired chick stuff. Maybe after I go through my Video Nasty phase.

    If I did a 1984 horrorthon, would you call me a thief?

  6. @Justin - I'll only call you a thief if you steal my pancreas, duder. A 1984 horrorthon sounds rad as fuck. My buddy Nafa and I have been trying to plan a 1981-a-thon for years now. You must do it. You must.

  7. Can do. ::searches Netflix queue::

    Does Places in the Heart classify as Horror?

  8. @Justin - Places in the Heart? A horror movie? Yes! Why oh why did you have to bring that up?