Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No Reservations - "Romania"

I love No Reservations. It is the best travel show on TV. It's host, Anthony Bourdain, goes places I would never go and does things I would never do. I'm a shut-in so that isn't really saying much. Okay, sometimes he makes me burn with jealousy. Most of the time however, I'm pretty content to just watch his shows in the safety of my living room.

The best episode of the show is his trip to Romania. Aside from being a complete disaster, it is also one of my favorite Halloween episodes of any show ever. While in Transylvania on Halloween night, Tony and his guide Zamir, visit a Dracula-themed hotel which turns out to be the single cheesiest and most embarrassing Halloween-related crap I've ever seen. Bourdain realizes this terrible mistake and starts drinking while Zamir plays along for the sake of great television.

While I do recommend that you watch the entire episode, the Dracula stuff can be seen if you skip to 8:35 in Part 1 and watch through 4:19 in Part 2.

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