Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween 3: Season of the Witch

Halloween III: Season of the Witch gets a bum rap. If the idiots had just called it Season of the Witch and mentioned that John Carpenter and Debra Hill were producing, I think the backlash would have been nonexistent. Of course, not throwing the Halloween tag on it would have made the $14 million that it made would have been nonexistent as well. I was talking about this film with Nafa this morning and he was one of the many people duped into thinking that Michael Meyers was somehow involved. When I rented this one as a kid, I read the back of the VHS tape and thought "well, this is different."

SPOILERS in this paragraph:

I knew from the box that Meyers wasn't involved but I figured that when the killer Shamrock Halloween masks took effect that the kids wearing them would go insane and murder their parents. This didn't happen. In the film, when the Shamrock video plays, the very unfortunate kid watching it falls to the floor and his head turns into bugs. Okay, not as good as kids going on a retail-induced killing spree but it is one seriously fucked up moment and a truly effective scare. His parents do drop dead from fright. That's a bonus. As Tom Atkins is rushing to stop all the TV stations from playing the Shamrock commercial, I was totally on the edge of my seat. Good stuff. I need to watch this one again soon.

Here's a great review


  1. It is a bat-shit crazy film that you either love or hate. I think you just have to let go of preconceived notions and ideals and just enjoy the ride. Cause DAMN, it is one hell of a ride!

  2. Definitely agree with you. Halloween III really isn't that bad. Also Tom Atkins was great in it.