Friday, September 9, 2016

I Keep Guesting!

Time for a roundup of some guest podcasting I did on some rad shows. Check these out, y'all!

Brad and I talking The Perfume of the Lady in Black with Christian and Uncouth!

Talking Tombs of the Blind Dead with Kraig Chaos!

Talking Tomie with Bo!

Talking The Shining with Duncan!

Talking movies and more movies with Tyler!

Talking 10 to Midnight with Cort and Matt!

Talking Two Evil Eyes with Duncan!

Giallo roundtable talking with Creep, Bryan, and Jason!

Supernatural beings in Italian horror roundtable!

In other news, Hello! This is the Doomed Show has been asked to join Legion Podcasts! This is such an honor. Not only will we pick up new listeners, we are now alongside some fine podcasts that you should be checking out!

Click on this link for all the Legion goodness!

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