Thursday, August 25, 2016

Films I Watched: July 2016

* means "First Time Viewing"

A Black Veil for Lisa
Parasite Eve*
Let Us Prey*
Rider of the Skulls*
Miami Golem*
The Women (1939)*
Real Genius
The Boy*
Kiss Me Deadly
Sin City
The Boy Who Cried Werewolf*
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day
The Dark Knight Returns*
Escape from New York
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice*
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Seven Notes in Black
Watch Me When I Kill
White Christmas
Avengers: Age of Ultron
The Perfume of the Lady in Black
The Shining
Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky
Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion
Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41*
Blood and Black Lace
Blade Runner


  1. Coolness. How was Batman v Superman? Here's my monthly stuff.
    Escape Plan (2013) *
    Lock Up (1989)
    Up from the Depths (1979)
    Demon of Paradise (1987)
    Deadly Jaws (1974) *
    The Shark Hunter (1979) *
    The Great Alligator (1979)
    Piranha (1978)
    Piranha Part Two: The Spawning (1981)
    The Beast (1996)
    Orca (1977)
    Grizzly (1976)
    Psychic Killer (1975)
    Slasher - Season 1 (2016) *
    Zero Dark Thirty (2012) *
    iZombie - The Complete 2nd Season (2015-2016) *
    The Cabin in the Woods (2012)
    Ordinary People (1980)
    Crimes of Passion (1984) *
    Bullitt (1968)
    15 Minutes (2001) *
    Fargo - The Complete 1st Season (2014) *
    Black Belt Angels (1994) *
    The Enforcer (1976)
    Allegiant (2016) *
    Coogan's Bluff (1968) *
    Fargo - Year 2 (2015) *
    The Girl Who Played with Fire (2009) *
    Inseminoid (1981)
    The Killing Gene (2007)
    Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991)
    Seven (1995)

  2. Well, I liked it a lot and my wife liked it. We didn't see it in theaters and I went with the 3 hour cut. Had a blast. I totally get why people didn't enjoy it. My bandmate basically begged me not to watch it because he knew I'd hate it. He was so wrong. Inseminoid!