Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Monster! #17 - Lady Frankenstein Article

Hey gang. I know it seems like I've been slinging a lot stuff lately. So bear with me once again while I tell you about Monster! #17. My article about Lady Frankenstein inspired the cover art for the issue. Am I honored? YES! Am I proud? YES! Am I going to walk like an Egyptian? NO! Or maybe I will. As some of you may know, I love Lady Frankenstein more than most everything else and I think my article captures that love in wordy things. But wait, there's more! This issue is 118 pages of monster movie love with a bunch of rad writers including my pal Troy Howarth.

You can get this issue at Amazon or Createspace.

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  1. Looks great - ordered a copy from Amazon. I love all things Rosalba Neri, so I'm looking forward to this. Thanks !