Monday, December 15, 2014

Doomed Show Presents #1 - Comic Books

In an effort to prove to you that we are, in fact, nerds, Brad and I recorded an episode on comic books. Since we are not talking about horror movies, we decided to make Doomed Show Presents, a little offshoot of the legendary Hello! This is the Doomed Show. Things like books, spaghetti westerns, TV shows, food, pirate stories, and old kites will be discussed in this series which we will do from time to time. If you like this first episode then "Merry Christmas!" If you don't like it then "Merry f__king Christmas!"

Hello! This is the Doomed Show will resume properly in the 2015. Jeffrey, Brad, Nafa, and I all have crazy ideas and lists of things we want to talk about in the world of slashers, gialli, and European horror as we are wont to do! So there you go! Have a nice week.

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  1. duuuude bill sienkiewicz!!! you son of a bitch! he's my favorite comic book artist, bar none. he was at tampa bay comic con, and i really wanted to meet him but didn't get to go! ughhh. his work on elektra is some of the most inspired stuff i've seen in comics, and it's disappointing to think that it didn't revolutionize the industry... it is probably the best example of comic books as art i've ever seen.

    is moon knight worth getting into? i'm a marvel guy, and my tastes lie in the x-men realm, so if you like it i can't imagine it's too far removed from my interests. and i'm all about stray toasters but i haven't seen it anywhere... where'd you snag that shit?

  2. @Rusty - I have to say yes, Moon Knight is worth checking out. First, for Sienkiewicz's early art and secondly, for the bizarre storylines. It is a trippy comic. You would definitely enjoy it. They revamped the title in 89/90 or so as Moon Knight: Spectre Knight and I know nothing about those. I know even less about the 2000s re-revamp. Stick with the early 80s stuff is my best advice. Stray Toasters is really out there. I found an issue or two at Green Shift.

    1. ahhhh damn you green shift!! damn you for having things i didn't even realize you had!!! i'll have to check it out before their sale ends.

  3. My old kite story depository is unyielding.