Tuesday, August 26, 2014

H!TITDS Episode #57 - Zombie Holocaust

Jeffrey and I get real, raw, but not indifferent on this new episode. Just enjoy the show!

Or else.


I am 9% certain that we haven't exceeded the bandwidth again. Listen here!

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  1. Another entertaining episode! You're a good team, Brad and Jeffrey, well done! As so often, I have not seen the film you're talking about yet, but I still enjoyed listening to you talking about it. I miss the old "recently seen" segment, but I'm glad the question time has continued!

    I finally caught up with all the recent episodes and had a lot of fun. And an extra loud "welcome back" to Brad! It was cool of you to let us in on your first actual meeting, cheers! I'm also glad to see Brad is returning to his blogging as well. A good excuse for me to get back to my horror/movie watching. And just in time for the upcoming season, the horrific autumn!

    Take it easy,

    P.S. Can't wait for that Dracula 3D episode. I just ordered the Blu-ray (German release date is tomorrow) and am eager to check it out. In glorious 2D. It will be awesome. Or terrible. Or terribly awesome? Which reminds me (for whatever reason): high time for another The Unseenly!

  2. @MLP - You are very kind, sir. Thanks! We've been doing some great episodes lately and more great stuff to come. I have been planning to get back into the Unseenly before much longer. I have so many more unseen films in my collection!