Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Giallo Meltdown 11

Hey. I thought I should update y'all on what's been going on with the continuing adventures of this friggin' book that I am supposedly supposed to be writing. Well, fear not for I have written another immense chapter of Giallo Meltdown. I watched another 19 movies last week in a moviethon that I like to call Giallo Meltdown 11: Walk A Mile In My Shit. Okay, I didn't actually call it that. But I did watch some classics like Giallo a Venezia (which I hate to admit is actually good) and Sex of the Witch (which is utter horseshit). But yeah, I totally took some vacation time for this 11th chapter and I think it was a rousing success.

So what the hell? Where's the book? Well, I'm almost there, believe it or not! I have decided to put an end to this book once I hit 13 moviethons or 13 chapters. So that only leaves two movie marathons and I will be ready to start the editing phase and then the finding a publisher or finding a venue to publish this shit on my own. In my head I'm all like, what do I need a publisher for? I can do this shit myself! Here you go, here's my free book! Woot woot!

But I have promised my wife and myself that I will indeed pursue a real publisher who would be interested in my cinematic journey. My worry is that a publisher might not want a surreal cinematic diary that is half film review and half stream of consciousness rambling. So why even try? But hey, I'm an optimistic guy or at least I used to be. So whatever, I'll see if there are any nibbles. One way or another, Giallo Meltdown is coming. I promise.

So what other moviethons are coming? Certainly there must be other moviethons that aren't giallo-related, right? There are! I swear that it's true. In September, there is a Friday the 13th and I intend to watch every Friday the 13th film in a row. This one will likely be a vlog like The Freddy Cougar Moviethon. Yeah, that's gonna be crazy. I also have a disco moviethon coming up that will probably not be interesting to anyone but me. I am obsessed with disco and especially disco movies so there will be some really odd titles in there. You'll see.

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