Thursday, March 28, 2013

Episode #29 - Night Of The Wurdulaks

Hello, the new episode is up. This is definitely our wackiest show. That Pepsi Throwback went straight to my head.

Check it out!

And hey, there's lots of old episodes in the archive.

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  1. It took me several attempts to finally listen to the whole "show." I really had to force myself to do, which was not easy. Really guys, get your act together...

    As you know, us Germans are famous for our humor, so you guessed right, I was just kidding. In fact, I really enjoyed this episode a lot! It was great fun and the question time was a cool bonus. As you can see, I am still listening - no matter what! Now I'm looking forward to the 1981 show (incidentally, one of the few films I watched this year was The Prowler, which I quite enjoyed). That's it for now,