Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Mysterious Doomed Moviethon Girl

In the last six (almost seven) years of Doomed Moviethon, my wife LeEtta has lent me her skills by drawing and redrawing the official 'DM Girl' in various poses and incarnations. I like to pressure my wife into working for free but I give her my paycheck every two weeks so it all works out. Who is the DM Girl? I don't really know but I know that she is very real. The drawing at the top of this post is the first stages of a sticker design that will represent both Doomed Moviethon and Cinema Somnambulist very soon. When they actually get printed, you all will be the first to know! Also, the cat in the drawing is a very unflattering portrayal of our also very real cat named Sparkles who has attended every moviethon I've staged since 2005.

Sparkles (file photo):


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  1. I've always wondered who she was. Btw, as a cat lover, that is one awesome cat!