Monday, February 6, 2012

Guest Blog: Underrated and Underseen Slasher Films Part 2

Oh yeah, Brad is back with another batch of kickass slashers for you!

Here's part one if you missed it.

Curtains (1983)

This just had it's official dvd release and it looks pretty shoddy. But I'd seek it out anyway. A group of actresses are up for a part and they all go to the director's estate to audition. Some nice set pieces, John Vernon being John Vernon, and an ice skating slash that is very nice. Oh and it appears my grandmother is the killer. Spoiler? Do you know my grandmother?


Horror House On Highway 5 (1985)

I have a feeling that the director didn't call action til he was sure everyone had taken their crazy drugs. “Everyone dosed up? Okay, let's gluobertpop the shantly formago!” How do I synopsize? I won't try other than to say a girl looks for a (possibly) deceased Nazi who made rockets and discovers his very demented sons, while the doc murders folks wearing a Richard Nixon mask. That doesn't do it any justice because this film is at times funny, unintentionally funny, and downright heebie jeebie inducing. Sometimes it feels like the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I mean it is obviously not that good. Watch it and see for yourself.


Silent Madness (1984)

Due to a computer error a crazy killer is accidentally released from the booby hatch and goes straight back to the sorority where he murdered a bunch of people. A lady doctor (a Dr. Loomis type) goes after him while the hospital muckety mucks decide to coverup his release and send thuggy henchmen after her and the killer. So a Halloweeny slasher, a sorority slasher, and a conspiracy thriller all rolled into one! And it was in 3D! I mean it wasn't in 3D at my house but it was somewhere according to imdb. I trust imdb to do all my bookkeeping/decision making like the asylum trusted the computer to release the correct inmates. Do you see the correalation? What? No imdb. I will not do that. Not with my clothes on.


Final Exam (1981)

Scorpion Releasing just put out an excellent copy of this slasher from the magical year of 1981. A killer goes around killing folks. But the difference here is that we spend a lot of time getting to know the characters before the killing starts. Some folks don't like that. I do. My heart has room for lots of different kinds of slashers. The new print is nice. Thanks Scorpion Releasing!

The Slayer (1982)

Kay and some friends go to an island for a little relaxation and something horrible starts killing them off. That something horrible seems to be connected to Kay who is an artist. And any good artist is a tortured artist. So congrats Kay. Way to go. This is a little gem of a slasher in my humble opinion. 1982 may not have been the magical year of 1981, but it certainly had its charms too and this is one of them. I will not spoil it for you.

-Brad Hogue


  1. An official Curtains release is good news!

  2. Erin-
    It's on one of those cheapo dvd sets that you can get at Walmart. The transfer is not that good. But I agree any Curtains is good Curtains!- Brad

  3. I just wanted to let you guys know that I haven't fogotten about my favorite horror blog (and podcast), and I'm looking forward to checking out some of these slashers (thanks, Brad, keep 'em coming!), it's just that I have been busy seeing friends again and all that socializing jazz after spending a year alone at my desk writing my master's thesis and preparing for my Final Exams (!), and now I have to battle that weird hermit persona that I have partially become!