Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Giallo Meltdown: The Book; An Update

Hey gang! You may have noticed I've been pretty quiet lately. I know what you're thinking: "Richard is a lazy loser and has a face made of stupid, leftover butt parts!" But only part of that is true. The fact is, I've been at this Giallo Meltdown book dealie lately. The word count is currently 52,230. It is both exciting and depressing since I never could crack the 50k of National Novel Writing Month. But this is gialli we're talking about here, people. This is exciting shit! I have viewed over 115 films for the book so far and I have many more to go. Can I get a 'Hell yeah!'?

This weekend I'm going to be having Giallo Meltdown 7 and yes, it's going straight into the book and yes again, even the playlist is a secret. I have picked 21 films and I intend to get through them all. Will I ever break my record of 21 movies in a moviethon? I intend to before this freakin' book is finished. So my friends, thanks for sticking with me. I promise there will be more content on this blog from me soon. Thanks to my good friend Brad for helping out and posting some awesome shit. Some people write about movies and right now I am writing about writing about movies. Weird. I guess I better get going. Later!



    52,230 words of meltdown!


  2. Ding Dang Heck-A-Ma-Doodle Hell Yeah!


    This is gonna rule enormously hard!!