Friday, July 23, 2010

Something is Here: Giallo Meltdown 4

Way back in April, I staged the 4th Giallo Meltdown. I managed to get through 16 gialli in around 75 hours. It was pretty laid back now that I think about it but it felt very painful and wacky. I can't tell you how happy I am to get this 8,000 word piece (of crap) out of my "to do" ("doo doo") queue. See, I told you there was good stuff on the horizon. Thanks a bunch and I'll see you all in September for the The Invasian. As if I could actually stay away for that long. I'll be around. Enough babbling, my brain is toast. You can check out (AKA help me proofread) Giallo Meltdown 4 right here. Take care, you wild kids.

In case you missed them...

Giallo Meltdown 1 - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Giallo Meltdown 2

Giallo Meltdown 3


  1. YAY! Great work. I dunno if I could spend a whole weekend watching gialli. Talk about butt-cheek fortitude...

  2. Wow. Amazing, Richard! Great work! I like the diary style of this massive undertaking. Very nice!

  3. Wow, indeed! Great stuff, Richard. If this isn't dedication to your work, I don't know what is. Great feature. :o)

  4. @Justin - You've watched 30 gialli in 30 days. It's time to watch that many in a weekend, duder.

    @venom5 - Thanks! I'm ready for another one. Well, mentally anyway.

    @James - Thanks a lot. The trick is to work on something like this until you're sick of it and then abandon the whole project for three months. Then the guilt creeps in and you are pleasantly surprised how far you got the first time around. This is my work ethic. I suck.

  5. Greatness! Good work. Another awesome marathon. I love reading these. I can say I've only heard of a few of these. How many of these are available on DVD?

  6. @Prof - You flatter me.

    Deadly Sweet - Cult Epics, Region 1
    Footprints - Shameless, Region 0 PAL
    Scenes from a Murder - Lightning VHS
    A Black Veil for Lisa - DL
    The Psychic - Severin, Region 1
    The Fourth Victim - DL
    Eye in the Labyrinth - DL
    The Weekend Murders - Code Red, Region 1
    Cold Eyes of Fear - Redemption Films, Region 1
    You'll Die at Midnight - DL
    Naked Girl Killed in the Park - Euro Trash Cinema
    Deadly Inheritance - Euro Trash Cinema
    The Bloodsucker Leads the Dance - Image/Redemption, Region 1
    So Sweet, So Dead - Euro Trash Cinema
    Blue Eyes for the Broken Doll - BCI Deimos, Region 1
    Death Laid an Egg - from a friend (copy of the Japanese DVD)

  7. Richard thank you for the list. I've been meaning to order Code Red's The Weekend Murders from Amazon and now they've gone and released The Dead Are Alive too!

  8. Great job once again. Your marathons are amazing and I love the giallo ones the best.

    So Sweet, So Dead is a favourite of mine and I'm glad you enjoyed it too. I have Deadly Inheritance and Eye in the Labyrinth in my unwatched pile... it might be time to give them a spin.

    Thanks for the great read!

  9. @Prof - I am definitely going to buy that Dead Are Alive disc. That flick is nuts.

    @Brainbug - Thanks man! Eye in the Labyrinth is pretty fucked up. I can't wait to watch that again. Deadly Inheritance is eye candy from Hades.