Friday, July 9, 2010

My Dedication to Absenteeism

Here is where I'm at right now: I'm on the corner of Blech Street and Meh Lane. While I won't be completely absent, I am going to let the blog slide for the rest of July and all of August. I'm doing this so that I can focus all of my energy on the NEHF book. I'll most likely be back on my birthday with some reviews of 1976 (my birth year) movies and some other things that might crawl out of my mind's butt in the dog days of summer. And who knows, maybe I'll get off my ass and have a moviethon! Stranger things have happened. Wait, when the hell did having a moviethon involve getting off my ass. Usually they involve getting on it.

There is some big awesomeness coming when I return though. The month of September will truly be a September to remember as I hereby declare it Asian horror month here at CinSom. I will be posting every friggin' day for the entire month in order to bring you the most insane shit I can come up with. I'm a huge fan of Asian horror but I've always been kind of intimidated when it comes to writing about it. Over the years, I have managed to get my hands on some rare and wonderful things. So you'll want to come on by for all of your Asian horror needs. Movies that are amazing, transcendent, boring, gory, perverted, brilliant, stupid, repulsive, hilarious, and mediocre will all be covered, yo. Hopefully, I'll be able to convince some fellow horror bloggers to contribute their radness to THE INVASIAN. Email me if you're interested, duders.


  1. Take care, dude! Hopefully you get a decent amount of writing done.

  2. Thanks Aaron. If this whole book thing doesn't work out, I'm going to submit all my Euro horror writings to Ladies' Home Journal.