Tuesday, January 6, 2015

EurocultAV Doomed Moviethon Movie Party #2: Werewolf Shadow

Scott of EurocultAV.com and I had such a blast at our first movie party that we are having another one! Here are some choice moments from Twitter while we watched Pieces. We used #piecesofgeorge to mark this historic event. Here are some choice moments:

We are going to do this again with the essential Paul Naschy film: Werewolf Shadow. At the stroke of midnight (Eastern Central Time) on January 31st, start the film and join us on Twitter so we can frolic in the slow motion vampires and sexual power of Waldemar Daninsky. This time, use #NaschyShadow to be a part of the fun. Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @EuroCultAV and @doomedmoviethon and we'll see you on January 31st!


  1. @Prof - I had a friggin' blast with Pieces. If I ever have a party at my house in my life, I will play Pieces.