Friday, March 14, 2014

The Melvis Files - Part 1 - Clambake

When it comes to Elvis Presley's music, I'm a little ignorant. I know he wrote "Hey Jude", "When the Levee Breaks", and that "Allison" song or whatever. But when it comes to the movies he starred in... Well, what can I say? That's my shit, "Hound Dog"! I am going to just randomly talk about Elvis movies I've seen in a few installments. Be sure to Tweet if you like it or Snapchat or something! :P

Clambake is a wonderful of example of Elvis not giving a fuck anymore. There are several scenes in this film where his emoting amounts to a drowsy stare that gives me the creeps. The plot in one sentence: The son of a wealthy oil tycoon trades places with a water ski instructor to see if he can make it on his own, impress a girl, and win a boat race.

Between the aforementioned abysmal Presley-acting, Bill Bixby playing a villain we're supposed to kind of like(?), hippie happening-esque moments in the vein of "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In", boring boat racing, and a horrifyingly schmaltzy musical number called "Confidence" -think of it as the worst rendition of "High Hopes" you can imagine but worse- this movie is all over the place. The insane cuteness of Shelly Fabares (I'll be getting back to her in Girl Happy and Spinout) and the eye candy from the female extras kind of win me over, truth be told.

Fans of cool cars, Fender guitars, wacky situations, garish cinematography, and above all, bad friggin' movies, need only apply. Don't get me wrong, this one is staying in my collection because it is so enjoyably bad. Even the DVD from MGM looks like no one gave this movie a second thought. This has one of the poorest transfers I've seen an Elvis movie get so far. Pretty sad.

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  1. I think I screwed up my first Elvis comment a few days ago... Basically I was saying that I dig Elvis a LOT, but have never seen any of his movies (except for stuff like That's The Way It Is). Now, I actually DO LIKE some of his crazy movie songs - perhaps because of Cramps-related compilations with all kinds of crazy shit. I applaud your idea for this Elvis series, this first one was fun already, cheers! And I like the new baby blue color, cool new look and much easier on the eyes!