Wednesday, January 15, 2014

HTITDS Episode #43 - The Devil's Rejects

Holy snap, y'all. There is a new episode of the podcast. Nafa joins me once again for some more Robert J. Zombie talk. Fear not, Brad will return! That's a promise.

Listen to the new episode here.

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  1. Good show on TDR, guys! You made some excellent points regarding the pacing and re-watchability. I was very much looking forward to a podcast on this one, but I'm glad it only came out now. This December I watched all the RZ movies (except the cartoon) with a friend who wasn't familiar with any of them. We had watched Lords of Salem before and since he liked it a lot we went first through the Halloweens after that and then the first two. I even upgraded them to Blu-ray because I got so excited. He liked them all a lot, but I felt a bit let down by TDR. I can very much relate to what you said about it. Like Nafa I feel like I fell out of love with it. Some things downright annoy me. Then again, I'm not sure if it's fair on my part. I loved it the first couple of times and perhaps that should be enough. Maybe I'm the one to blame if I insist on watching a film one time too many. But the big picture is probably more like this: I'm fed up with movies that try to be so goddamn cool. The curse of the 90s. And I don't even want to blame Tarantino. I'm not his biggest fan in the world, but I gotta say this: Seeing how many others fail at that kind of style you gotta respect him the more for pulling that kind of style off (I haven't seen Django yet and was bored by Basterds). RZ's first feature holds up because it's more unique. Lords of Salem was fantastic, because (I guess) he simply made what he wanted to do again and didn't give a fuck about the Halloween crowd. TDR now feels forced. Which actually made me sad since I've always loved it. Still love Sheri Moon's ass, though.

    I'm looking forward to the return of Brad and more appearances by Nafa!


  2. Thanks, MLP! I feel comforted that the film resonates similarly many time zones away. I loved this film, and still do, it's just lost...something. And that loss makes the film all the more melancholy. Good point on Tarantino, too--for better or worse he goes full on into his projects, whether it works or not.

    Thank you for the kind words!


  3. The opening scene where th family is killing people to the upbeat allman brothers music is brilliant.

    John Stanley