Thursday, January 24, 2013

Schmidt Happens

Hey gang. I know I opened up a big can of woops ass by starting Franco Friday up again and then magically dropping off the map after only two weeks. Fear not! For I will be returning to a weekly Jess Franco delivery system soon. The thing is, my wife and I have been dealing with some heavy stuff (like a major family crisis). When things settle down, I promise to return with all kinds of things: Jess Franco-related and otherwise. Thanks for your patience.

But until then, I found something funny. Way back in 2006 or so, I reviewed a Jess Franco film over at Doomed Moviethon. I was sent a screener and shucks-howdy, I was not impressed. You can check out my review of Snakewoman right here. At one point, I talk about a bonus film on the disc featuring a "washed up" Lina Romay. Woops! That was harsh. Lina baby, you were never washed up. I'm fucking washed up. Take care, y'all.

If you're really bored, check out my new band: GYROJETS. We don't have any songs yet but I have a sampler of things to come.


  1. Hope everything turns out okay. I don't know you from Adam, but you feel like my internet bud thanks to the podcasts.

  2. @Ron - I have always loved that expression: "don't know him from Adam" or "don't know her from Eve". Thank you for the sentiment, sir. Much appreciated.