Monday, October 1, 2012

The Return Of H!TITDS Is Soon

Hey folks. Brad and I are trying very, very hard to get our totally shitty schedules aligned so we can record something new. We haven't done an episode of Hello! This is the Doomed Show since... Let's not go there. Anyway, any horror or cult movie topics (it is October so try and keep it spooky and creepy) you want us to discuss, spill your guts here in the comments or at the Facebook page and we'll talk about it on the next show. Dats a promise. We are shooting for recording next week so hit us up with those suggestions soon. Please don't make Brad and I tell ghost stories.


  1. Please tell ghost stories.

    Also, a topic: favorite/most fondly remembered Halloween TV specials. These could be movies, but I'm thinking also seasonal episodes of long-running television shows (early '90s sitcoms rocked it in this category).

    But really I'm just glad to have your voices tickling my ear drums once again.

  2. I say some Argento, or maybe your top 10 fav slasher movies, or fav classic horror like the roger corman poe films or maybe even Hammer

  3. I'd love to hear your favorite Halloween specials. And maybe your Halloween watching rituals.

  4. I'm all for lists! Halloween films in general or favorite slasher films or perhaps even a run-through of THE Halloween series (my memory's not so good so chances are you might have done some of that already. Just hit that record button, I'll listen.)

  5. Finally goddammit!! :D


  6. Great suggestions here. I'll think of something myself. Also, if you need a pinch hitter and you want to get a show out, don't hesitate to ask, Richard! Would love to be on again.