Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Freddy Cougar Moviethon


  1. Oh yes! Very much enjoyed this video, great job, Richard!

    I've pretty much said everything I have to say about the series before, but I must say I'm so glad you enjoyed Part 2. It is such an underrated part in the series. As gay as it might be it's still a great movie with crazy ideas and a good cast. Your take on Part 4 is spot on, it becomes really good after the characters of Part 3 are gone (who are surprisingly annoying here after the great Dream Warriors). And yes, Part 5 IS good. Again, very glad you enjoyed this one. Now Part 6... oh boy... I fucking hate that one with a passion and since I have no nostalgic reasons to like it I must say it makes me physically ill. Part 7 on the other hand is one of my favorites! So you're obviously out of your mind... j/k, you're beautiful. Freddy Vs. Jason is fantastic. I hated it at first, thought the characters were dull and plastic, and I still hate the Freddy-as-a-pot-smoking-worm scene. But it's really grown on me and now I think it's solid entertainment, just like you said. The remake wasn't very hard for me to accept, which surprised me, since I love the series, I love Robert Englund, and hate hate hate the Friday 13th remake those guys did, but the opening diner scene instantly made me love the film. They royally screwed up the two iconic scenes they tried to recreate (Nancy's bed, and the bathtub scene), but apart from that I liked it a lot.

    I had a good time watching this video about your moviethon, I am not an anime guy, but I'm very much looking forward to the return of the Doomed Show!


  2. Your cat's photobombs are the best.

  3. @MLP - Thanks, duder! I am so glad you dug the moviethon. I had a feeling I might catch some shit for my love of Part 6.

    @Ron - The older Crisco gets, the more insanely attention starved he becomes.

  4. Enjoyed this entry enormously, Richard. I too (surprisingly) enjoyed Part 2 during a recent viewing of the Blu-Ray collection (although Part 4 is still a pile of excrement, with the most unlikable characters of the entire series - when I saw the film as a kid upon its theatrical release, the audience applauded when Alice's brother was killed).

    You might like to check out the 'Never Sleep Again' documentary as a fitting postscript, Richard.

    And 'Krueger Lane'? Are you kidding me? :)

  5. I enjoyed watching these films wear you down. Also, cats.

    Surprised about your dislike for New Nightmare. I know some people are still cold on it (and I'd agree that it is too long), but it's one of my favorites-- it takes an old joke and makes him interesting again. I adore all the meta levels and the very idea of a horror director being frustrated that his own "nightmare" got watered down to kiddie stuff (I vividly remember collecting grotesque Freddy stickers from gumball machines as a kid) and so wanting to revitalize it (by making a movie about wanting to revitalize it). And, yeah, it worked for me. I liked the redesign. Freddy was creepy and unpredictable again.

    My order: 2 > 1 > New Nightmare > 3 > 4 > 5 > Freddy vs. Jason > Remake

    I still haven't seen Freddy's Dead. I think because I once planned to watch 4-6 all at once but then watched 4 and 5 and died soon after.

  6. You're an amazing, amazing man. I did a NOES marathon a couple of years ago, but it took me two days and I watched them in reverse just for the hell of it (this was before the remake came out, which I still haven't seen yet). I've had ups and downs with NEW NIGHTMARE over the years; now I'm at a point where I like it quite a bit, but I could potentially dislike it the next time around depending on what kind of mood I'm in. My favorites to least favorites in order (from best to worst):

    Dream Warriors
    Part 1
    Freddy Vs. Jason
    The Gay One
    New Nightmare
    The Dream Master
    The Dream Child
    Freddy's Dead