Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hello! This is the Doomed Show Episode #19 - One Year Anniversary Show

It's been a freakin' year? Seriously? Damn yo. Why aren't there more episodes? Oops. Don't think about that. Brad and I get rael on this episode. Top 10 lists are thrown around like things that get thrown around a lot. Enjoy. You can download/listen to the episode right here.  And feel free (FREEEEEE!!!) to peruse our episode archive here here here.


  1. Nice episode yet again. Now you got me eyeballing the Slumber Party Massacre movies. I gotta see if they are on Netflix.

  2. Listened to this, and it unexplicably stopped working @ 47m22secs. Still, the best 47 mins of my day. I love the Fulci, but City of the Living Dead is still my fave. Carl

  3. Oh guys, I swear you made me blush. I'm a fanboy, I'm not ashamed to say that. I loved this show, and not only because I finally knew at least some of the movies you were talking about! And I love lists, too!

    Just a few days ago I watched House By The Cemetery again, I still enjoy it a lot, but City of the Living Dead is my favorite of the trilogy (and then probably The Beyond). I am one of those who can't ignore the annoying kid.

    Because of one of the older lists I bought Slumber Party Massacre about a year ago, loved it, and a while back I bought the trilogy from Shout Factory - and I loved them ALL! Even part 3! Great fun!

    I'm particularly glad to see The Fog in the #1 spot on Brad's list. It is definitely in my top 3 as well. There was lots more that I wanted to agree (or disagree) with, but that must wait till I will have listened to it for a second time - quite a packed show! And much fun!


  4. @Justin - It's the best. Thanks, duder.

    @Carl - Sorry about the technical difficulties, duder.