Monday, March 26, 2012

Introducing... Mimsy

My friend Brad (co-host of the podcast and frequent contributor to this blog) and I have had a musical collaboration going for a while now called Mimsy. Inspired by the sheer awesomeness of Mimsy Farmer and our varying musical influences, we make stuff. Brad sends me his beats from Kentucky and I send him my guitar parts from Tampa. We mix them all together and out pours the Mimsy. I used his track "Pumpkin Dressed In White" to put together this little tribute the one and the only, Lady Farmer. Check it out.


  1. I got the early scoop from BRad yesterday, and been loving it. I could look at Farmer all day long! She could tend my fields....I mean really. I'm way too busy, and we're losing crops to bugs, and small animals. Nice jeb on the video, man. You guys make a great team.

  2. Richard, very awesome, and appropriately psychedelic, if you don't mind me using a vintage term! Always great to encounter fellow Mimsy appreciators. I'd like to let you know that there's still about a week left to read the exclusive, first-ever full-length career interview with Mimsy that was published in a recent issue of Video Watchdog magazine! The publisher has made the interview available in its entirety for free on to celebrate its nomination in the "Best Interview" category in the 2011 Rondo Awards! I am proud to be the author/interviewer of this piece, and since the Rondos are a fan-voted award you can cast your vote to help Mimsy's interview win! Just go to for the full ballot and simple instructions! Besides "Best Interview" there's tons of other cool horror categories: Best Movie, TV episode, Website, Magazine Cover ... just vote in the categories you want to and ignore the rest! Voting in the Rondos is a lot of fun and FREE ... but voting closes midnight April 1, at which time the free online posting of the interview will vanish as well!

    If you enjoy the interview, your vote for Mimsy will be appreciated! I am going to e-mail Mimsy a link to your video above ... I think she'll enjoy seeing it!

    Mark F. Berry

  3. I'm sorry, did someone just say they were emailing the video link to Mimsy herself? Did I read that right? And that was a fantastic interview by the way. I hope it wins the Rondo. Wait. Did someone just say they were emailing the video link to THE Mimsy?

  4. Yes, I did say that! :-)

    I sent the link to Ms. Farmer last night -- no reply yet, but these days she is often away from home for extended periods working on various films ... as a sculptor! Check out her website for looks at some of her work for movies, theatre, and more! (And um, don't forget to vote for Mimsy's interview!)

  5. @Anonymous - Thanks! I agree that Brad and I do make a great team. And it's not even sexual!

    @M F Berry - Duder, you have no idea how awesome you are. I mean, you might know but damn, you are cool. I have now submitted my Rondo Award and wrote in that supremely excellent Mimsy Farmer interview you did in VW. I hope it wins. And lastly, thank you so much for sending the little video I made to Mimsy. I never thought there would even be half a chance she might see it. You freakin' rule.

  6. I agree with everything Richard said! Richard suggested the name Mimsy for our musical project and I wholeheartedly agreed as we both love her work. And your interview opened my eyes to what she has been up to lately and I sincerely hope it wins the Rondo. I hope she knows that a lot of people hold her in high esteem.

  7. Thanks for the kind words guys, and guess what -- Mimsy just sent me this e-mail:

    "Dear Mark, Thanks for sending me that incredible video. It makes me dizzy!!!
    I really like the music and the editing is, well, very flattering to say the least!! So many thanks to Brad and Richard too...

    It doesn't surprise me that she took the time to send a note -- she's a nice lady.

    Hey Brad, you and I hail from the same state!

    And, only about 3 days left to vote in the Rondos!!

  8. Mark, You have blown my mind. Really. Let me bestow you with the Brado, an admittedly much less prestigious award than the Rondo but from the bottom of my heart I thank you for the interview and your sending the video on. I read it with great excitement because it was so much more in depth and revealing than the only other interview with her that I have read which is in Spaghetti Nightmares. I hope you win the Rondo and thank you so much for forwarding the video on to Lady Farmer. I think I can die now. And hey! Whereabouts do you live here in the Commonwealth?

  9. Brad, don't die, man! :-)

    I live in the south-central part of the Bluegrass State, in the pleasant hamlet of Glasgow. How 'bout you?

    Yes, I have the Spaghetti Nightmares book, which is worth having but as you say, Mimsy's interview is fairly limited. As is the one in an issue of Shindig magazine, which is interesting but is really more of an article with quotes than it is a true interview. My piece in Video Watchdog is the result of a 2-and-a-half hour phone conversation, supplemented by many weeks of e-mail correspondence to fine-tune, augment, and fill in! I'm as proud of it as anything I've ever put my byline on. If you know any more Mimsy-philes, be sure and tell 'em about the Rondos!

    Thanks for all the good thoughts ... I gotta go make some shelf space for my Brado!

  10. Mark,

    I live in the far, far, far, far from Glasgow, city of....Bowling Green! I could hand deliver the Brado!

  11. Whoa! It's a small world (after all ...)

  12. That's exactly what I said! I left my tonsils at T.J. Samson in the 90's.

  13. @M F Berry - Honestly, I have been at a loss for words on this whole thing. Never in a million years did Brad nor I ever imagine that Mimsy would even know about our little musical adventure. When we finally finish the full length CD, you will definitely get a copy, my friend. It is measly thanks for the wonderful thing you have done by forwarding the video to her. Thank you one hundred and fifty-nine thousand four hundred and sixteen times.

  14. Well, I was more than glad to do it, guys. I've made a point not to pelt Mimsy with owls (sorry, Harry Potter reference) in the months following the publication of our interview, but I was pretty certain she would enjoy seeing that video, and she certainly did!

    "I left my tonsils at T.J. Samson ..." to the tune of "I Left My Heart in San Francisco"!? :-) Ah, yes, "TJ" as we call it, my sister-in-law worked there for nearly 20 years, and my great nephew and several cousins were born there.

    And, about the CD, thanks very much -- I will definitely be glad to take you up on that offer! I'm on that Facebook whatchamacallit thingy, so you can get in touch with me that way whenever you want!