Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Humanoid Monster Bem

Years ago, I was obsessed with this anime TV series intro but I couldn't find any information on it. Now I have FINALLY (remembered that I was looking for it, ur... I mean) found it. The show is called Yokai Ningen Bem and its 26 episodes originally aired in Japan in the fall of 1968 and into the spring of 1969. I initially thought that it looks like a Japanese Scooby Doo by way of Groovie Goolies. But based on the plot description, I guess it was more action than mystery solving. Of course, it's been remade a few times and the results are not so hot. So anyway, if anyone knows where I can find some subtitled episodes of the original 1968 series let me know!

Here's the video I saw:

Here's a longer version:

The show got remade in 2006 and it looks like shit:

There was a live action TV special and it looks like shit:

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