Monday, October 12, 2015

More Fang Of Joy And An Announcement!


  1. Just got my copy. Really great read (Rosalba Neri !!) and excellent 'zine. Thanks a bunch for your time and effort.

  2. I finished GIALLO MELTDOWN (surprise: I loved it!) and now can't wait to get the new Fang of Joy issue! I was concerned you wouldn't make a vlog for it...very cool you did.

    And now for something completely different:
    Troy Howarth was a guest on The Projection Booth (great episode) and I'm glad he had nice things to say about Four Of The Apocalypse (which I really loved). I'm so much looking forward to getting my hands on his Fulci book Splintered Visions (and his other ones as well), but I don't want to settle for the b/w issue and need to wait a bit to pay the extra dollar. I'm sure it'll be worth it! Today I listened again to the Manhattan Baby episode. I really couldn't get into that film, but feel like it deserves another chance since you both seemed to like it quite a lot. It might seem crazy, but I don't even watch Fulci's horror stuff for the gore so it wasn't that aspect that I was missing. I was simply bored. I then also listened to the Fulci: Non-Horror episode again and decided to give Contraband another chance tonight. Several times I tried to watch it and never even got close to finishing it. Wish me luck!

    Looking forward to Fang of Joy #3 and the new book that's in the works!