Monday, December 23, 2013


I don't get out much. Does that surprise you? Last Saturday, I went to see Terrorizer, Exhumed, and Druid Lord (pictured here). It was a fucking great show. I first discovered Druid Lord last year when they played with Possessed here in Tampa. They are my favorite metal band and I even interviewed them for Fang of Joy because of their lyrics are inspired by European horror films. They tore the lid off the place on Saturday but their set was cut short to make time for other bands (which was bullshit IMO).

At the show, I simply could not resist getting Druid Lord's tribute to Mario Bava's classic, Baron Blood.


  1. Awesome man! Will be here more often to check your blogs out. In the meantime: is a video of me interviewing them and of course my curve ball was to ask them if their Baron Blood EP release was based on the 1972 Horror film. Also if you have time and I will be posting some awesome photos soon of Druid Lord on (I covered the entire MEOWLISHA) show. Thanks for your support with Druid Lord!!!

  2. @Tj - Thanks for the heads up on the interview and your sites. I'm off to check them out now!